Men’s Ts Resources in Australia (MTRA) is the largest membership based networkof men with transsexualism (identified female at birth) in Australia.

The overall purpose of this network is to offer accurate, relevant and timely information about transsexualism as it relates to the experience of all men with transsexualism and their families, service providers, politicians and policy makers.

We remain the only service in Australia providing resources specifically for men (identified female at birth), their families and service providers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We formed in the late 2001 under the name FTM Australia and are supported financially by our members.

Our members live in all parts of Australia and New Zealand. This membership is predominantly men (identified female at birth) who have the medical condition of transsexualism, including their families, friends and service providers.

We do not lay claim to represent all Australians with the condition of transsexualism.

Sex Toys and Your Relationship

How to Choose the Best Adult Toys For Couples

The passion in a bedroom remains incomplete unless you add adult toys. Sex toys are not just for fun, curious and energetic youngsters, couples can also use quality toys to get the best orgasms. With all the toys available in the market it can be challenging trying to find which design works for you alone or a single one that both you and your partner can use together. Here’s a checklist to help you choose the best adult toys that will meet your needs.

Have open communication

Choosing the wrong adult toy can be a buzz kill for your sex life especially if your partner is a bit uncomfortable using them. Try explaining to your partner the reasons why you need sex toys so that they can understand it from your perspective. While sex toys add spontaneity, they can never replace your partner, so if they refuse to experiment with the toys then its best to use it on yourself.
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Understand why you need adult toys

Some people go for JouJou Sex Toys because they want sexual satisfaction while others want to spice things up in the bedroom. Whatever your reason is for getting these toys is, having a healthy sex life starts with knowing your sexual needs and body. Once you understand what works for you, it becomes easier to enjoy intimacy with your partner.

Narrow down which adult toys you are looking for

After you have decided to introduce sex toys to the bedroom, you then need to narrow down on the kind of toys you want. Do you want strap-ons, vibrators, Kegel balls, anal toys or something for oral sex stimulation. You can also choose adult toys that help your partner last longer or those designed specifically for intercourse between couples. Decide on whether the sex toy will be used on the vagina, penis or anal. The choices can seem overwhelming, but researching in advance will help you select your desired toy.

Make shopping fun by going together

Going shopping together strengthens your bond and helps both of you choose adult toys that you like. The trick is to get over any shame and insecurity. Instead just have fun and avoid any negative biases.

Start with beginner’s level toys

A common mistake that many people can make is to pick adult toys without putting their experience level into consideration. If you have never used a sex toy before then stick to simple and easy to use sex toys such as discrete vibrators or those that provide clitoris stimulation. As you gain more experience and want to expand your collection, you can then go for advanced toys that will take your pleasure levels to new peaks.

Adult Toys 101

Freshman Year – Inappropriate University, Adult Toys 101

Our modern era is one of the most progressive times humans have ever lived in, if not the most accepting time of all. As they should, people of minorities are rapidly becoming accepted amongst peers of other races and demographic backgrounds, LGBT persons are legally able to marry one another, and social policy – although it’s moving slower than others, in some countries – is generally changing to suit the ideas and attitudes of modern times.

Another benefit of today’s progressive era is the social acceptability and steady increase in the popularity of adult toys at They can be found on thousands of websites, is adult stores around the world, and are available in virtually every size, color, and type imaginable.

Here are some of the most popular types of adult toys, and some of their distinguishable effects.
New WeVibe Jive Wearable G-Spot Vibrator

Not to be confused with vibrators – we’ll touch on those later – pulsators are study, hefty, robot-like toys that simulate the movements of sexual intercourse. They’re often free-standing, and have heavy weights in their base to prevent them from knocking over or otherwise interrupting pleasure time. More permanent options can be drilled into walls, floors, and virtually any other sturdy area.

Pulsators often have remotes for wireless control, allowing users to freely adjust speed, thrust, and its power source.


Vibrators are arguably the most popular type of adult toys of them all. Vibrators at JouJou are typically shaped as phalli, although they’re also shaped like ovals – some are even designed to be worn in users’ underwear.

Vibrators, likely the world’s most favorite adult toy, stimulate pleasure spots like the clitoris or male prostate to heighten pleasure beyond most all peoples’ capabilities.

The “rabbit” – not the animal – features a phallic dildo and a vibrator, attached together. These adult toys provide clitoral stimulation from both outside and inside the vaginal canal. Other editions of these adult toys are fashioned in smooth, rubber pads to be worn externally, on tips of fingers, or inside consenting users’ underwear.


Dildos are phallic-shaped objects intended to stimulate the feel of the human penis. Most dildos are longer than the average man’s member, although they range in size from a few centimeters, upwards of two feet – or more – OW!. Dildos are made out of hard acrylic, soft rubber, easily-cleaned glass, wood, and every other material imaginable.

Taking care of adult toys

While not everybody washes up after engaging in foreplay or having full-fledged intercourse, your adult toys should always bathe immediately after play time. Failing to do so can cause degradation of adult toys, and even cause infection.

Make sure to wash in warm, soapy water, with your hands – never anything that can degrade the surface of at-hand adult toys. Keep them in dry, cool places, like your clothes drawer, for longevity.

You Should Be Buying Sex Toys

You Should Be Buying Sex Toys

When it comes to using an sex toy, a lot of people are shy about this particular product and aren’t sure if it’s the right option for them. This is a major issue considering the fact that an adult toy can take your relationship to brand new levels. Once you begin to utilise an adult toy for yourself, you’ll find that you have a new perspective on your sex life and all that it is able to offer to you.

The beauty about utilising an sex toy between you and your loved one is that it is a totally different experience that you might not have had before. Because there are so many different adult toy products on the market, it is pretty effortless to find the one that suits your needs. Whether you go with something more traditional or one that is based more on a fetish, there are a plethora of amazing adult toy items that will transform your love life from boring to amazing sex toys

When you shop for your next sex toy on the internet, you’re doing something that is going to benefit you in more ways than one. First of all, you’ll have a greater selection of adult toy products online than you would be able to find locally. Even if you make the decision to go to an adult store, they will not have the selection of toys that you’d be able to find right on the internet. Plus, when you order an adult toy online, the items are shipped in a discreet box that no one will know about. This means that no one will even know that there is a sex toy in the box but you and your partner when it arrives at your home.

sex toys at jou jou

Now that you know the benefits of buying sex toys online, it’s important for you to find a great shop to utilise for this specific purpose. There are tons of promo codes that you can use during the checkout process that will save you tons of money long-term. Once you realise how quick and easy it is for you to buy these items on the internet, you might even wonder why you never thought of doing something like this before in the past. There are thousands of different products that you and your partner can choose from, making it easy and quick to find the one that fits your needs perfectly. You will also find that sex toys aren’t horribly expensive and can even fit into your budget.