Adult Toys 101

Freshman Year – Inappropriate University, Adult Toys 101

Our modern era is one of the most progressive times humans have ever lived in, if not the most accepting time of all. As they should, people of minorities are rapidly becoming accepted amongst peers of other races and demographic backgrounds, LGBT persons are legally able to marry one another, and social policy – although it’s moving slower than others, in some countries – is generally changing to suit the ideas and attitudes of modern times.

Another benefit of today’s progressive era is the social acceptability and steady increase in the popularity of adult toys at They can be found on thousands of websites, is adult stores around the world, and are available in virtually every size, color, and type imaginable.

Here are some of the most popular types of adult toys, and some of their distinguishable effects.
New WeVibe Jive Wearable G-Spot Vibrator

Not to be confused with vibrators – we’ll touch on those later – pulsators are study, hefty, robot-like toys that simulate the movements of sexual intercourse. They’re often free-standing, and have heavy weights in their base to prevent them from knocking over or otherwise interrupting pleasure time. More permanent options can be drilled into walls, floors, and virtually any other sturdy area.

Pulsators often have remotes for wireless control, allowing users to freely adjust speed, thrust, and its power source.


Vibrators are arguably the most popular type of adult toys of them all. Vibrators at JouJou are typically shaped as phalli, although they’re also shaped like ovals – some are even designed to be worn in users’ underwear.

Vibrators, likely the world’s most favorite adult toy, stimulate pleasure spots like the clitoris or male prostate to heighten pleasure beyond most all peoples’ capabilities.

The “rabbit” – not the animal – features a phallic dildo and a vibrator, attached together. These adult toys provide clitoral stimulation from both outside and inside the vaginal canal. Other editions of these adult toys are fashioned in smooth, rubber pads to be worn externally, on tips of fingers, or inside consenting users’ underwear.


Dildos are phallic-shaped objects intended to stimulate the feel of the human penis. Most dildos are longer than the average man’s member, although they range in size from a few centimeters, upwards of two feet – or more – OW!. Dildos are made out of hard acrylic, soft rubber, easily-cleaned glass, wood, and every other material imaginable.

Taking care of adult toys

While not everybody washes up after engaging in foreplay or having full-fledged intercourse, your adult toys should always bathe immediately after play time. Failing to do so can cause degradation of adult toys, and even cause infection.

Make sure to wash in warm, soapy water, with your hands – never anything that can degrade the surface of at-hand adult toys. Keep them in dry, cool places, like your clothes drawer, for longevity.

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