Men’s Ts Resources in Australia (MTRA) is the largest membership based networkof men with transsexualism (identified female at birth) in Australia.

The overall purpose of this network is to offer accurate, relevant and timely information about transsexualism as it relates to the experience of all men with transsexualism and their families, service providers, politicians and policy makers.

We remain the only service in Australia providing resources specifically for men (identified female at birth), their families and service providers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We formed in the late 2001 under the name FTM Australia and are supported financially by our members.

Our members live in all parts of Australia and New Zealand. This membership is predominantly men (identified female at birth) who have the medical condition of transsexualism, including their families, friends and service providers.

We do not lay claim to represent all Australians with the condition of transsexualism.

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