Sex Toys and Your Relationship

How to Choose the Best Adult Toys For Couples

The passion in a bedroom remains incomplete unless you add adult toys. Sex toys are not just for fun, curious and energetic youngsters, couples can also use quality toys to get the best orgasms. With all the toys available in the market it can be challenging trying to find which design works for you alone or a single one that both you and your partner can use together. Here’s a checklist to help you choose the best adult toys that will meet your needs.

Have open communication

Choosing the wrong adult toy can be a buzz kill for your sex life especially if your partner is a bit uncomfortable using them. Try explaining to your partner the reasons why you need sex toys so that they can understand it from your perspective. While sex toys add spontaneity, they can never replace your partner, so if they refuse to experiment with the toys then its best to use it on yourself.
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Understand why you need adult toys

Some people go for JouJou Sex Toys because they want sexual satisfaction while others want to spice things up in the bedroom. Whatever your reason is for getting these toys is, having a healthy sex life starts with knowing your sexual needs and body. Once you understand what works for you, it becomes easier to enjoy intimacy with your partner.

Narrow down which adult toys you are looking for

After you have decided to introduce sex toys to the bedroom, you then need to narrow down on the kind of toys you want. Do you want strap-ons, vibrators, Kegel balls, anal toys or something for oral sex stimulation. You can also choose adult toys that help your partner last longer or those designed specifically for intercourse between couples. Decide on whether the sex toy will be used on the vagina, penis or anal. The choices can seem overwhelming, but researching in advance will help you select your desired toy.

Make shopping fun by going together

Going shopping together strengthens your bond and helps both of you choose adult toys that you like. The trick is to get over any shame and insecurity. Instead just have fun and avoid any negative biases.

Start with beginner’s level toys

A common mistake that many people can make is to pick adult toys without putting their experience level into consideration. If you have never used a sex toy before then stick to simple and easy to use sex toys such as discrete vibrators or those that provide clitoris stimulation. As you gain more experience and want to expand your collection, you can then go for advanced toys that will take your pleasure levels to new peaks.

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